About us

India's first certified EV retrofitting Company.


At e-Trio, we realize that electric vehicles will be the most-preferred automobiles shortly due to carbon footprint released by conventional vehicles. While everyone is busy breaking their banks to buy brand new cars, we stress the ease of converting their existing cars in India as an affordable and efficient alternative to putting a brand new car on the road.

As a result of 3 years of hardcore research, we have evolved as the best electric car manufacturers in India capable of designing solutions to any vehicle.

Unlike traditional vehicle manufacturing company, we integrate resources to create, built and sell the best electric cars in India. Our eco-friendly services of retrofitting existing cars with our proven electric kits are designed with the view to save the environment and conserve our resources – all while looking aesthetically pleasing and becoming solutions to a varied range of requirements.

Thus bringing dependable and affordable electric cars in India with faster speed and less investment.

Vision &

Vision-To create e-Mobility which results in decarbonizing India.

To accelerate the sustainable mobility paradigm in India through innovative approaches.

Making Mobility: Economical, Eco-Friendly, Efficient

Good Citizenship: We place society interest first & take responsibility of making a cleaner environment

We stand for providing outstanding products & services

We are committed to making a positive difference in our customers' lives

Mr. Sathya Yalamanchili


Founded e-Trio Automobiles and continues to oversee the company's product strategy including the design, engineering, and manufacturing of affordable electric vehicles for India. Cars have fascinated him, since time immemorial. Graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Hyderabad's leading University, he pursued his executive management program from Harvard. His experience and focus is primarily in the areas of Strategy & Finance. Being a seed investor in a vast number of companies, his leadership skills perfectly blend with his vision of decarbonizing India.

Dr. Anjaneyulu Krothapalli


Is the Don Fuqua Eminent Scholar Chair & Professor Emeritus of mechanical engineering at Florida State University (FSU), USA and an Affiliated Professor of Energy at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. He is the founding member and Chairman of the Mechanical engineering department at FSU from 1983 to 2002. Dr. Krothapalli is a Fellow of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (1996- Present) and was a National Research Council Senior Fellow at NASA Ames Research Center (1995-1996).

Dr. Arakeri Jayawant


Dr. Jaywant Arakeri is currently a professor in the mechanical engineering department at Indian Institute of Science. He has also served as the chairman of the department. His expertise is in the area of thermal and fluid systems with emphasis on heat management and engineering systems control. Professor Arakeri obtained his PhD from California Institute of Technology. He is a fellow of National Academy of Engineering.