COVID-19 has had devastating effects on the world as well as the Indian economy. While most industries in India have taken a hit and to win in adversity, many companies have tailored strategies to fit in today’s unique context. The Indian e-commerce industry has exhibited unprecedented growth as the estimated revenue from this segment will reach $120 Billion in 2020, growing at an annual rate of 51%.

This exponential growth since its initial days is driven by factors like increasing penetration of smart mobile devices, improved broadband and wireless internet access, rise in usage of digital payments and cash on delivery services as well as aggressive customer acquisition and retention strategies. With the advent of an increase in demand for food delivery, e-commerce logistics, and courier services there is a vast mobility solution opportunity using EVs in the middle and last-mile connectivity with the three and two-wheelers as delivery vectors. The dependency on intracity logistics has taken the industry from mere transportation services to fully integrated service providers, strongly supported by technology.

In order to push the electric vehicle ecosystem, the government is trying to accelerate the acceptance of electric vehicles with new policies. Increasing pollution levels and often featuring in the list of world’s most polluted cities has driven the government to take substantial measures towards electric mobility, the moment of change seems to have finally arrived.

Etrio aims to bring about a holistic change by empowering e-commerce companies, logistics players and drivers, providing them with seamless solutions by merging performance, data and reliability. With their wide range of EVs, Etrio has transformed from an EV design company into a full-fledged EV OEM, transitioning from a conversion expert to creators of new electric vehicles.

Over 3 years Etrio pioneered the EV conversion space by becoming India’s first certified retrofitment company. A true technological company at heart Etrio has evolved from being converters to creators as it aims to provide affordable electric mobility in every segment of the society. It has attained so by managing intracity logistics through ACE; easing lives of home delivery boys through Ashva, or a micro-entrepreneur driving our Touro.

Etrio is slowly electrifying intracity logistics by upgrading the lives of-


Etrio has partnered with leading e-commerce players such as Amazon, GATI Delhivery, etc. Etrio shows the commitment to work on providing a holistic solution, including driver training and guidance on charging infrastructure set up. Etrio’s fleet caters to payloads starting from 75 kg going up to 750 kg and has completed 40000+ km for its clients making 10000+ deliveries during this pandemic. Hence converging technological advances of an EV with business unit cost economics.


With diesel and petrol prices increasing daily and reaching an all-time high, logistics fleet owners have had to cut corners by reducing driver incentives, hence reducing the driver’s overall savings.

Driving an Etrio electric light vehicle could reduce the running cost by an extra Rs.4 for every km, helping them save up to Rs.2000 a month. By providing the best-in-class warranties for the e-cycle, e-Loader (3-wheeler), and e-SCV of up to 60,000km and automatic transmission for its drivers, Etrio is slowly becoming every fleet operator’s vehicle of choice.


Etrio has pledged to the mission of decarbonising the environment by its two-prong approach of conversion of existing polluting ICE vehicles to electric vehicles and creating new electric vehicles. It’s unique and certified conversion process helps in reducing the carbon footprint at a double rate. Additionally, Etrio has pledged as a company towards responsible manufacturing processes to reduce its overall footprint.

Innovative and integrated solutions have become one of the fundamental tenets for the adoption of electric vehicles in intra-city logistics companies. Etrio is leading this change with a vision to build EV for all and eventually electrify intracity logistics by bringing reliable and intelligent products, reducing the cost of ownership and creating unmatched comfort and experience for our drivers.