Do you offer services in other cities?
Yes, we do. We appoint partners Pan India with service outlets for retrofitting vehicles locally.
Do you give away kits for DIY- I will fix it myself?
No. Kit integration has to be handled carefully by professionals only.
Do you convert vehicles older than 2010?
Yes we do, provided your vehicle clears our health checklist.
Do you convert Maruti 800?
Yes, we can. But, do you think it will be worth it?
What is the duration of conversion?
We commit you 48 hours for a conversion.
How do you offer services in case of repairs?
We will appoint a person exclusive for an area that gets a minimum of 100 orders.
Is 150km range achievable?
Yes, it is. Provided the vehicle is driven under the standard conditions.
Can you charge at home?
The cars come with onboard chargers. Can be plugged into 15 amp socket.
How do you deal with the scrapped combustion powertrain?
We would purchase the combustion powertrain based on the condition at a nominal value