Our Solutions

Electric Power Train is our core. Our expertise and resources put us in the perfect place to offer tailored solutions to your needs.

Over the course of time we have explored the possibilities of developing retrofitting solutions to a variety of vehicles. As a result, are technically equipped to deliver tailored solutions to a wide range of vehicles.

We are not just limited to the design and manufacture of kits for cars alone but also different segments of vehicles which includes light commercial vehicles (LCV’s)too. In our vision to curb the Green House Gases not just by small units but by huge volumes we have taken bold moves to design tailored solutions to the people who believe in the same green route.

Thus offering our EV solutions in the following ways:

Retrofitting and Mobility Solutions To Fleets

We offer conversion services to fleet owners and help them reduce their operating costs all while benefitting the environment four-folds.

Our projects are conceived with shared mobility in mind with partnerships with leading cab aggregators and Employee Transport system (ETS) fleets... Thus, reducing millions of tons of GHG gases with our initiatives.

We have the expertise and resources to develop the most affordable conversion solutions for fleet cars.

Light Commercial Vehicles and Logistics

We have also explored the possibilities of the conversion of LCV’S and the other vehicles in the same segments. Logistics is one of the verticals that requires a big change to create an impact on sustainable and eco-friendly transport. And we are ready with our solutions for this industry.