Are you ready to put your Electric Three Wheeler in gear?

Industry experts claim that due to more daily rides, electric three-wheelers are proving to be a lucrative option. As opposed to its petrol counterpart which has a running cost of approximately Rs. 4 per km, the electric alternative is around Rs. 0.5 per km. In a country like India, last-mile commercial transportation is driven by one thing alone – economics, which is why this significant difference in cost makes all the difference. You cannot beat an electric three-wheeler the Total cost of ownership game, even with an expensive battery pack.

The country is currently home to over 1.5 million electric three-wheelers, and this number is only expected to grow with the move to electric. Sales in the three-wheeler electric auto segment grew by 21% during FY 2018-19, i.e. 1,10,000 more units sold than the previous year. With more people opting for electric options, the shift is evident. Affordability and a better value proposition are the two unique selling points in this segment.

Etrio aims to drive holistic change by empowering drivers, providing them with seamless and cost-effective solutions. A technological company at heart, Etrio has successfully transitioned from being converters to creators as it aims to offer cost-effective electric mobility to every segment of the society.

What makes an electric three-wheeler such a viable option?

We are all quite used to autos with energetic drivers zooming by every day, plying the streets for commuters looking to travel on a budget. These ubiquitous vehicles, weaving through crowded streets, have become an integral part of the country’s public transport system and play the most critical role in ferrying passengers. However, three-wheelers that run on ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) are more expensive and pollute the environment. This is one the reasons why a panel led by Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant has recommended a complete switch to electric three-wheeler in a phased manner starting from March 2023. An electric auto three-wheeler is a complete package. Here’s why –


Delhi recently declared a state of emergency because its pollution levels spiked to 10 times the safe levels, drastically decreasing private vehicles on roads. With India’s urban population set to double by the next decade, the air pollution situation will continue to deteriorate. This is where a three-wheeler electric auto comes in. The two forms of an electric three-wheeler consume no commercial form of energy such as petrol or diesel, which means environmental pollution can finally be combated more effectively.


Up to 17% of the new three-wheelers sold in India by 2024 could be electric, a report by Crisil Research highlighted. The faster adoption of these vehicles comes down to an electric three-wheeler price. Starting from as small an amount as 40,000 as opposed to more than a lakh for traditional three-wheelers, the three-wheeler electric auto is set to become even more popular.

Easily maintained:

For buyers, an electric auto three-wheeler offers good earnings due to the range of options and low maintenance costs. For example, if you earn Rs. 800 a day from your wares then your take-home money will be Rs. 700 as it has no fuel costs. The Rs. 100 spent will be for the upkeep of the vehicle.

A cut above the rest

Innovative and integrated solutions have taken a front seat when it comes to the adoption of an electric three-wheeler. Etrio is at the helm of this ship, with a vision to expand the implementations of EV for all and eventually electrify the country by introducing reliable and intelligent products that redefine the market as we know it.

The Economics of Electric: Cost Saving and ROI in Commercial EV adoption.

The transportation industry has witnessed a global shift towards electric vehicles, prompting a focus on sustainability and cost savings. As such, various verticals such as Logistics, E-commerce, Agri-logistics, Waste Management, and others are transitioning towards electrifying their fleets to enhance their economic gains.

The electrification of commercial vehicle fleets has significantly transformede-commerce logistics by enabling Economical and efficient operations.

The e-commerce industry is integral to India’s digital transformation, and the Digital India program launched by the government has facilitated this transformation. Today, the digitally connected world has changed buying habits and the Pandemic only accelerated this transformation.

Etrio and Kosher Climate join to create carbon credit framework for E3W CVs

Manufacturer etrio has partnered with the Bengaluru-based renewable energy consultants and developers of environmental commodities, Kosher Climate, to create a carbon credit framework for commercial EVs.