The Economics of Electric: Cost Saving and ROI in Commercial EV adoption.

The transportation industry has witnessed a global shift towards electric vehicles, prompting a focus on sustainability and cost savings. As such, various verticals such as Logistics, E-commerce, Agri-logistics, Waste Management, and others are transitioning towards electrifying their fleets to enhance their economic gains.

The electrification of commercial vehicle fleets has significantly transformede-commerce logistics by enabling Economical and efficient operations.

The e-commerce industry is integral to India’s digital transformation, and the Digital India program launched by the government has facilitated this transformation. Today, the digitally connected world has changed buying habits and the Pandemic only accelerated this transformation.

Etrio and Kosher Climate join to create carbon credit framework for E3W CVs

Manufacturer etrio has partnered with the Bengaluru-based renewable energy consultants and developers of environmental commodities, Kosher Climate, to create a carbon credit framework for commercial EVs.

IOT-Enabled EVs To Play A Key Role In Agri-Logistics

A report by UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) states that nearly 31 per cent of the global human-caused Greenhouse Gas emissions originate from agri-food systems.

Why one of the world’s largest lithium discoveries might be a game-changer for India

India has struck gold. The world’s fifth-largest economy and possibly now most populous country discovered one of the biggest lithium deposits globally. That could be a game-changer for the country and help boost its manufacturing sector, as the metal is heavily relied on in the use of batteries for smartphones and electric cars among other items.

Electric Vehicle – the next big frontier of transport and mobility worldwide.

There is little doubt today that electric vehicles are the next big frontier of transport and mobility worldwide. In the backdrop of an increased focus on environmental and pollution concerns as well as superior operating economics especially in commercial applications, EVs have truly emerged as the most sustainable...