Intelligent 96 V architecture design | Closed Load Body of 180 Cu. Ft | Certified Range 115 Km


20 KWh Air Cooled Battery | 30 KW High Efficiency motor, compact e-axle, regenerative braking | Home Charging from 16 A Socket


Certified range – 115 kms | Gradeability of – 12.5% | Top Speed – 60 kmph


Smart BMS | Isolation Protection | Stable cells of LFP Chemistry | Auto-Charging cutoff


Connected through powerful Etrio Telematics Application


Battery warranty – 3 Years or 1,00,000 kms | Powertrain warranty – 3 Years or 1,00,000 kms | Auxiliary components – 1 Year or 60,000 kms

Partners in progress



Retrofitment : A NEW LIFE


eTrio’s scientific approach towards retrofitment in a quality controlled process flow breathes a new life into an old workhorse. The vehicle selection starts with a 150 point checklist followed by stripping of the vehicle of its internal combustion parts. This is followed by mechanical and electrical retrofitment process. The final cog in the machine is the testing and quality inspection process, post which vehicles are rolled out for customer.



Decarbonizing Intra-city Logistics

Driving Operating efficiencies

Extending Vehicle Life

Providing Driver Delight

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Older your elephant, more it needs treatment