Leading the change in Intra-City Logistics


As a responsible e-commerce business leader, you are constantly battling cut-throat competition with wafer-thin margins. The winning formula in such a business comes from practices where business economics and environmental sustainability can co-exist. It’s every entrepreneur’s responsibility to actively contribute to decongesting the roads and decarbonising the environment through eco-friendly logistics systems.

At Etrio, we have perfected the science of retrofitting an ICE vehicle into an electric vehicle, thereby making logistics sustainable, efficient and economical. We manufacture the widest range of electric vehicles for every segment of society. Through our innovative and sustainable EV products, we endeavour to drive a 3-way change by transforming businesses, lives and the environment.

Etrio is proud to be India’s first company to receive approval from the Automotive Research Association of India for retrofitting Alto into an electric vehicle. Our product portfolio includes the widest range of EV’s broadly categorised into converted ( retrofitted Tata ACE, Maruti Suzuki Dzire, Alto, etc.) and ground-up new electric vehicles (e-bikes ( Ashva and iSwitch) and electric three-wheelers (e-rickshaw/e-loader, etc.). Our extensive product range, data-driven approach and after-sales services make us the king of intra-city logistics.

Here are four reasons why you should electrify your intra-city fleet with Etrio.

Trusted by clients:

At Etrio, we are proud to be associated with some of the leading e-commerce and logistics players in the country, including Amazon, Flipkart, Ikea, BigBasket, Grofers, Delhivery, among others. Through our clients, we have managed to deploy our electric vehicles across six cities in India.

Driven by data:

All our clients get access to our Etrio custom app through which they can get all the stats and details of their electric vehicle or fleet. At any given time, you can view the location of your e-vehicle, whether stationed or running. The mobile app also allows you to access details such as distance, SOC, mileage and duration.

Tested and perfected:

At Etrio, everything we do is – tested, perfected and backed by technology. It took us three years, 16+ tests and over 1 lakh km run to perfect our retrofitting electric kits. Our technical expertise ranges from powertrain design, battery packaging & assembly, system architecture, connected system, and vehicle integration.

Unmatched warranties:

We value the relationship with each of our clients and provide the best-in-class warranty for each of our products, including the e-cycle, e-Loader (3-wheeler), and e-SCV. The warranties of such asset-heavy component protect the owner from uncertainty and lower overall cost of ownership of the vehicle.

We welcome you to get in touch with us for more details about our features, pricing and demo requests.

The Economics of Electric: Cost Saving and ROI in Commercial EV adoption.

The transportation industry has witnessed a global shift towards electric vehicles, prompting a focus on sustainability and cost savings. As such, various verticals such as Logistics, E-commerce, Agri-logistics, Waste Management, and others are transitioning towards electrifying their fleets to enhance their economic gains.

The electrification of commercial vehicle fleets has significantly transformede-commerce logistics by enabling Economical and efficient operations.

The e-commerce industry is integral to India’s digital transformation, and the Digital India program launched by the government has facilitated this transformation. Today, the digitally connected world has changed buying habits and the Pandemic only accelerated this transformation.

Etrio and Kosher Climate join to create carbon credit framework for E3W CVs

Manufacturer etrio has partnered with the Bengaluru-based renewable energy consultants and developers of environmental commodities, Kosher Climate, to create a carbon credit framework for commercial EVs.