The revolution of the EV sector: Etrio

If it is one fact that the entire world has understood in the last few years, it is the fact that we need to start making amends so that the environment that we have destroyed so much has some scope of recuperating. With almost all developed nations now paving the way towards a clean mobility revolution, India has also begun to make the needed changes.

The launch of electric vehicles has set in motion a paradigm shift that will make people more responsible towards the environment and give them the perks of cleaner air and financial security by saving them from the shocks of those constant fluctuating prices of fuel.

The spark that ignited this change was when electric motors replaced the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE). What started as a mere trend is soon to take over the markets entirely by the year 2030. The consumers’ reactions were checked with the launch of the first electric car Reva, which Chetan Maini launched in 2001.

If the trend is to be believed, electric vehicles’ sales have almost quadrupled in the last few years. This has become more evident with the steep decline in the batteries’ prices along with the EV friendly policies that have been introduced as a countermeasure to tighten the fuel emission standards.

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According to a Swizz organization IQAir survey, 22 of the world’s 30 most polluted cities are in India. This one major headliner has probably been the main driving force as to why electric vehicles have gained such momentum in India.

With governments of almost every country debating on how to tackle the impending worries of climate change, EVs’ revolution is probably the one thing that can release the pressure to some extent. Along with the much-needed relief that needs to be given to the choking planet, siding with the EV revolution will save the government finances that otherwise get invested in oil subsidies.

In all the recent climate conventions held in Paris, the Prime Minister of India has shown much interest in safeguarding the nation’s interests and the environment. This is why Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (FAME) was launched. However, despite all the attempts, it did not see the results that were first expected.

According to a recent report compiled by the Climate Group, it is stated that India is one of the top EV100 regions by the number of charging points present.

With this chalked out now, all India needs are long-term policies that can give more automobile industries the thrust to manufacture more electric vehicles.

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Overall, EVs can reduce the quantities of smog which is a significant contributor to the level of pollution that creates havoc all over. Globally, transmissions from vehicles account for 2.5% of the increase in greenhouse gases each year.

In India alone, there are plenty of big automobile names that have pledged to align themselves with the EV revolution taking over the globe. Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, the EV revolution will not be one that will happen without any restrictions.

Large chunks of the automobile bigwigs are going to resist the change by upping the fuel efficiencies to match the strict emission norms set by the policies. This is the precise reason even the most minor step taken by an organization to side with the EV revolution will be a welcome change.

Etrio has the vision to become the leading original equipment manufacturer of electric 3-wheelers that are affordable so that more business owners can switch to them with ease. Considering that the future lies in the hands of those who make the efforts to change it, Etrio is definitely creating waves by attempting to transform the environment along with the lives of businesses that want to switch to the greener mode of commuting.

The Economics of Electric: Cost Saving and ROI in Commercial EV adoption.

The transportation industry has witnessed a global shift towards electric vehicles, prompting a focus on sustainability and cost savings. As such, various verticals such as Logistics, E-commerce, Agri-logistics, Waste Management, and others are transitioning towards electrifying their fleets to enhance their economic gains.

The electrification of commercial vehicle fleets has significantly transformede-commerce logistics by enabling Economical and efficient operations.

The e-commerce industry is integral to India’s digital transformation, and the Digital India program launched by the government has facilitated this transformation. Today, the digitally connected world has changed buying habits and the Pandemic only accelerated this transformation.

Etrio and Kosher Climate join to create carbon credit framework for E3W CVs

Manufacturer etrio has partnered with the Bengaluru-based renewable energy consultants and developers of environmental commodities, Kosher Climate, to create a carbon credit framework for commercial EVs.